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Missed the PPI Deadline or Had A Rejected Claim? Millions of Britons Are Now Using the Plevin Rule to Fight Back

You could be entitled to £1000s in compensation!

Have you been Plevined?

The PPI deadline may have passed in 2019 but you could still be eligible to claim £100s or even £1000s in PPI compensation!

Unknown to many, a Supreme Court ruling from 2014 opened up a new claiming route that allows millions of people to submit new claims even though the PPI claims deadline has passed.

When a consumer named Susan Plevin became aware that 71.8% of the premiums she paid to her PPI policy went to a commission payment for her lender, she took her complaint all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decided that the relationship between the lender and Mrs. Plevin was ‘unfair’ because the high amount of commission included in the cost of the policy was never made clear to her. Years later, the FCA took this ruling and began applying it to new PPI complaints.

It’s said that the average commission paid to the banks was a shocking 67%.** This means that millions of people who had PPI, even if it was sold correctly in other ways, are still entitled to claim something back.

How To Get Started:


Select Your Lender to Start Your Claim

Even if you tried to claim PPI money in the past and the bank rejected you, you could try again!

This Could Mean Hundreds of Pounds in Your Pocket

Due to the size and cost of PPI policies, millions more people could be due £1000s!

Do any of these apply to you?
  • You had PPI and previously had a claim rejected from your bank or lender.
  • You won your PPI claim but it was before August 2017.
  • You had PPI but never made a claim.
  • You’re unsure if you’ve had PPI but could use some extra money in your pocket right about now.
How Do I Submit A Claim?

Before starting the claims process, it’s important to know you are not eligible for a refund if you have already successfully claimed your full PPI refund.

If you haven’t tried to submit a claim yet, it’s worth checking if you’ve been Plevined! Follow the steps below to start your claim today!

Step 1: Select your country on the map below

Step 2: Answer a few questions to start your Plevin claim!


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